More Steps Towards Making Self Isolation Tent For Homes A Reality

Hello Friends,

I hope you are well and keeping safe.

Over the past few weeks, I haven’t updated you much. Why? Because I was trying to figure few things – actual specifications, ventilation for the tent, and trying to make sure the costs don’t sky rocket.

Where do I stand?

I have been able to find the material that’s needed to build the self isolation tent for homes.

For the structure – I am using the schedule 40 PVC Conduit pipe. This makes the structure very firm. In this self isolation tent, about 66 feet of the pipe is used. It can be bought in large quantity if needed. In case, there are supply issues, other PVC pipes can be used as well. However, this may increase the weight of the self isolation tent.

To join these pipes, I am using various tees and bell elbows. Just a note here: because of the bell elbows, I have been able to make the isolation tent expandable.

For the cover/shield – I am using clear vinyl. This makes it somewhat interactive. A person inside the tent can see what’s happening outside, and those outside could also look at the person inside the tent. This could be changed on request.

For the entrance/exit – for entrance and exit, I am using vinyl as well – there’s flap opening. Having a door like thing is very costly and not feasible when it comes packaging.

For Ventilation: Over the past few weeks, I have searched around for several exhaust fans and other ways I could make ventilation seamless. Here’s the problem: the fans that could be used here are very expensive. The send the overall costs of the self isolation tent surging. I am seeing ventilation fans that are more expensive than the cost of all the material of self isolation tent.

For now, that’s all. Will tell you more this week.

Thank you for supporting me!

A Big Win After A Set Back – Isolation Tent For Homes Closer To Reality

April 2nd, 2020

No, I haven’t disappeared. Still here, and working hard.

Friends and supporters, I hope you are well and staying safe. Between yesterday and today, I had a major set back, and also got a big win.

Let me explain yesterday’s set back…

So, I started using PEX pipes to build the tent. My reasoning was that the material is flexible, light, and relatively inexpensive.

Well, I built the tent and turns out it was way too flimsy – very shaky and not able to stand. The goal here is to make something that fits a small house and able to stand for 14-day self-isolation period.

The win….

Today, I started out early in the morning and was able to source some PVC pipes and built a tent that’s definitely much more rigid . See the pictures attached.

Here’s the best part: I was able to build in a way that its expandable ( you will see the different in the two pictures attached).

If someone needs bigger space, the width of the tent can spread as far as 64 inches. I was also able to take the height of the tent much higher than the previous tent.
Even better: this tent could actually be much cheaper than the one I made earlier! (working on the costs as I write this)

And! for packaging, this tent maybe little smaller than the previous one. However, it is relatively heavy than the previous tent.

Beyond all this, one thing has become very clear to me that coronavirus is not airborne and its spread through droplets. So, negative pressure tent is not really needed. It just needs proper ventilation system. Working on that too.

Building The Prototype of Self Isolation Tent For Homes

March 31st, 2020

Hey everyone,

I hope you are well and keeping safe.

Here are few updates you should know for today…

I ended the day yesterday on relatively vague note. I posted picture of the possible design and some pipes.

I started today by going to home depot and other construction stores around my area to source some more pipes that I needed. Well, a small run to the store take a very long time now. Stores here are told to limit the number of people coming into the stores. See the picture attached. Had to wait in line for a bit to enter.

However, was able to source some pipes and start building.

See the pictures attached of the initial product. Know that this is by no means the final design. However, it should give you some good idea of how it could look. There are still a lot of adjustments needed.

Remember: my goal is to make something quick, that’s affordable, easy to assemble and fits a room. If you have suggestion, please feel free to comment.

Here are some specs:

Length – 6’3″
Width – 4′ 2″
Height- 5’9″
Material – PEX Pipes

Also, I have been in touch with few doctors and nurses, they made it very clear that a negative pressure tent may not be necessary since its not an airborne virus. But, they all agree that this tent could be useful, but it needs to have ventilation.

Stay tuned for more updates..

Initial Sketches Of Self Isolation Tent For Homes

March 29th, 2020

Hey everyone,

I hope you are well and keeping safe. Here are few updates:

Last night, I purchased a domain (website) – www.selfisolationtent.com is the address for the site. There’s nothing on it yet. Will work on it in the coming days.

The biggest thing you should know…

Last night, I drew up some sketches. Please know that I am not the best at sketches. See picture attached to get some idea on how the tent could look.

In the morning, I went to local Home Depot to source some material to start working on it. See the picture attached.

I am using PEX pipes (used in plumbing). At the moment, they seem very reasonable material to use. Plus, they are easy to work with compare to other kinda of pipes to build the structure. And, they are relatively light. I am hoping to have this thing weigh no more than 10 pounds.

Sadly, I ran out of pipe . Need to go back tomorrow morning and pick it up. I should have some sort of working prototype at the end of day tomorrow.

Will keep you posted. I know right now, a lot of things may not be making sense. But, hopefully by the end of tomorrow, you should have some good answer.

Some FAQs About Self Isolation Tent For Homes

Why are you doing this?
We are in midst of a pandemic. At the moment, all efforts seem to be focused on getting people tested and making sure the hospitals are not crowded or else it becomes a public health or even a huge social crisis.
My focus is majority of cases with mild symptoms. These individuals are told to go home and self isolate. I believe, by not properly isolating, they could really become a risk to others. The number of those infected could continue to increase.
I know in times of crisis, everyone needs to be creative, and work together. This is my idea of helping the situation.

Isn’t vaccine for Coronavirus in the making already? So, why bother doing this?
Nope. There are few companies that are doing human trials. But, that doesn’t mean vaccine will be out soon.
It takes a relatively long time for a vaccine to get through various trials, and get approved. Then, it has to be mass produced.

“We are going to be fine in North America, our governments are well prepared and they can handle this pandemic well.”
Let’s assume for a second that governments here are going to be fine and we don’t really need anything for those self-isolating here in Canada and the U.S., what happens to developing counties where the governments just don’t have resources to fight a crisis of this magnitude.
If these tents are not uses here ( I am pretty certain, there’s a need for them here), they could become a very important tool to spread.

Why are you raising so much money?
Right now, the goal is to have the idea turn into a prototype ASAP – talking days not months. If its feasible, mass produced and distribute. The money raised will be used to at least bring the idea to reality.
I am sure the money being raised right now will not be enough if this hits mass production in due-time, but I think its a good start.
Let this also be very clear that this is a not-for profit venture. In case, it has other uses after this crisis, the goal would always remain not-for profit.

Stories Making A Strong Case For Self Isolation Tent For Home

March 28th, 2020

Some links that make a very strong case for building self isolation tent for homes:

– Wall Street Journal “Coronavirus Is Advancing on Poor Nations, and the Prognosis Is Troubling.” 

– Global News, “Coronavirus: Self-isolating in a small space during COVID-19 pandemic.”

– The Atlantic, ” My Whole Household Has COVID-19

– Jersey Evening Post, “Entire households now being told to isolate if a member has coronavirus symptoms.” 

Goals for today:
– Very rough sketches of how the tent could look like (possible size, material and other related things)
– Get more feedback – contact friends working on the front lines.
– Get a website.

Self Isolation Tent For Homes – Initial Brainstorming

March 27th, 2020

List of questions that need to be answered, no specific order:

What the self isolation tent for home should look like/ or should include?
– clear and interactive?
– how tall and wide should it be?
– electrical outlets for people to charge phones etc?
– how does tent’s ventilation work?
– how do you enter/exit?
What kind of material is being used for the tent?
– plastic?
– Cloth?
– Wood?
How big should it be relative to the room?
-It shouldn’t take too much of the room, but be spacious enough
How does a person enter or exit the tent?
– is there any sort of sanitation open exit?
Will it be noisy?
Where will it be placed in the house?
If its not inside the house, could it be setup in backyard, balcony? Is it weather resistance? How do you control the temperature in the tent?
How do you ensure it’s negative pressure?
How do you make sure about its effectiveness?
How heavy should it be?
How quickly does it get assembled?
How quickly and safely could you dispose it?
Does it have usability beyond covid-19?
Could the tent be used for other emergencies and natural disasters? In other words, does it have a scope beyond the current crisis?