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Stories Making A Strong Case For Self Isolation Tent For Home

March 28th, 2020 Some links that make a very strong case for building self isolation tent for homes: – Wall Street Journal “Coronavirus Is Advancing on Poor Nations, and the Prognosis Is Troubling.”  – Global News, “Coronavirus: Self-isolating in a small space during COVID-19 pandemic.” – The Atlantic, ” My Whole Household Has COVID-19“ – […]

Self Isolation Tent For Homes – Initial Brainstorming

March 27th, 2020 List of questions that need to be answered, no specific order: What the self isolation tent for home should look like/ or should include?– clear and interactive?– how tall and wide should it be?– electrical outlets for people to charge phones etc?– how does tent’s ventilation work?– how do you enter/exit?What kind […]