Some FAQs About Self Isolation Tent For Homes

Why are you doing this?
We are in midst of a pandemic. At the moment, all efforts seem to be focused on getting people tested and making sure the hospitals are not crowded or else it becomes a public health or even a huge social crisis.
My focus is majority of cases with mild symptoms. These individuals are told to go home and self isolate. I believe, by not properly isolating, they could really become a risk to others. The number of those infected could continue to increase.
I know in times of crisis, everyone needs to be creative, and work together. This is my idea of helping the situation.

Isn’t vaccine for Coronavirus in the making already? So, why bother doing this?
Nope. There are few companies that are doing human trials. But, that doesn’t mean vaccine will be out soon.
It takes a relatively long time for a vaccine to get through various trials, and get approved. Then, it has to be mass produced.

“We are going to be fine in North America, our governments are well prepared and they can handle this pandemic well.”
Let’s assume for a second that governments here are going to be fine and we don’t really need anything for those self-isolating here in Canada and the U.S., what happens to developing counties where the governments just don’t have resources to fight a crisis of this magnitude.
If these tents are not uses here ( I am pretty certain, there’s a need for them here), they could become a very important tool to spread.

Why are you raising so much money?
Right now, the goal is to have the idea turn into a prototype ASAP – talking days not months. If its feasible, mass produced and distribute. The money raised will be used to at least bring the idea to reality.
I am sure the money being raised right now will not be enough if this hits mass production in due-time, but I think its a good start.
Let this also be very clear that this is a not-for profit venture. In case, it has other uses after this crisis, the goal would always remain not-for profit.

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