Self Isolation Tent For Homes – Initial Brainstorming

March 27th, 2020

List of questions that need to be answered, no specific order:

What the self isolation tent for home should look like/ or should include?
– clear and interactive?
– how tall and wide should it be?
– electrical outlets for people to charge phones etc?
– how does tent’s ventilation work?
– how do you enter/exit?
What kind of material is being used for the tent?
– plastic?
– Cloth?
– Wood?
How big should it be relative to the room?
-It shouldn’t take too much of the room, but be spacious enough
How does a person enter or exit the tent?
– is there any sort of sanitation open exit?
Will it be noisy?
Where will it be placed in the house?
If its not inside the house, could it be setup in backyard, balcony? Is it weather resistance? How do you control the temperature in the tent?
How do you ensure it’s negative pressure?
How do you make sure about its effectiveness?
How heavy should it be?
How quickly does it get assembled?
How quickly and safely could you dispose it?
Does it have usability beyond covid-19?
Could the tent be used for other emergencies and natural disasters? In other words, does it have a scope beyond the current crisis?

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