More Steps Towards Making Self Isolation Tent For Homes A Reality

Hello Friends,

I hope you are well and keeping safe.

Over the past few weeks, I haven’t updated you much. Why? Because I was trying to figure few things – actual specifications, ventilation for the tent, and trying to make sure the costs don’t sky rocket.

Where do I stand?

I have been able to find the material that’s needed to build the self isolation tent for homes.

For the structure – I am using the schedule 40 PVC Conduit pipe. This makes the structure very firm. In this self isolation tent, about 66 feet of the pipe is used. It can be bought in large quantity if needed. In case, there are supply issues, other PVC pipes can be used as well. However, this may increase the weight of the self isolation tent.

To join these pipes, I am using various tees and bell elbows. Just a note here: because of the bell elbows, I have been able to make the isolation tent expandable.

For the cover/shield – I am using clear vinyl. This makes it somewhat interactive. A person inside the tent can see what’s happening outside, and those outside could also look at the person inside the tent. This could be changed on request.

For the entrance/exit – for entrance and exit, I am using vinyl as well – there’s flap opening. Having a door like thing is very costly and not feasible when it comes packaging.

For Ventilation: Over the past few weeks, I have searched around for several exhaust fans and other ways I could make ventilation seamless. Here’s the problem: the fans that could be used here are very expensive. The send the overall costs of the self isolation tent surging. I am seeing ventilation fans that are more expensive than the cost of all the material of self isolation tent.

For now, that’s all. Will tell you more this week.

Thank you for supporting me!

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