A Big Win After A Set Back – Isolation Tent For Homes Closer To Reality

April 2nd, 2020

No, I haven’t disappeared. Still here, and working hard.

Friends and supporters, I hope you are well and staying safe. Between yesterday and today, I had a major set back, and also got a big win.

Let me explain yesterday’s set back…

So, I started using PEX pipes to build the tent. My reasoning was that the material is flexible, light, and relatively inexpensive.

Well, I built the tent and turns out it was way too flimsy – very shaky and not able to stand. The goal here is to make something that fits a small house and able to stand for 14-day self-isolation period.

The win….

Today, I started out early in the morning and was able to source some PVC pipes and built a tent that’s definitely much more rigid . See the pictures attached.

Here’s the best part: I was able to build in a way that its expandable ( you will see the different in the two pictures attached).

If someone needs bigger space, the width of the tent can spread as far as 64 inches. I was also able to take the height of the tent much higher than the previous tent.
Even better: this tent could actually be much cheaper than the one I made earlier! (working on the costs as I write this)

And! for packaging, this tent maybe little smaller than the previous one. However, it is relatively heavy than the previous tent.

Beyond all this, one thing has become very clear to me that coronavirus is not airborne and its spread through droplets. So, negative pressure tent is not really needed. It just needs proper ventilation system. Working on that too.

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