Do you have the ability to quarantine/isolate a family member in your home? Sadly, this may not be possible for a lot of families around the world at the moment. You could help change this! 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is creating a lot of issues. Sadly, the number of cases continue to increase globally and it looks like things could get a lot worse before they get any better

Here’s the thing: there’s one problem that’s really not getting much attention and I think it’s being taken very lightly. It could make the problem at hand even bigger. 

Let me explain… 

Vast majority of the global cases so far have been mild. These individuals (with mild symptoms) are told to go home and self-isolate, so they don’t make the hardship at the hospitals much worse. 95% of the cases so far have been mild . 

Great solution at the moment.

However,  no one is really asking if they are isolating themselves properly or not. You have to remember: when infected individuals go back to their homes, their families are in the same house. If they don’t isolate properly, their families could become high risk very quickly. Why? Coronvairus (COVID-19) is severely contagious. 

Imagine a family living in a single bedroom apartment (say both parents and one kid) and unfortunately one parent gets infected. How do they isolate properly? 

Also, conditions get even worse if its a multi-generation home. So far, we know that the those who are old are at very high risk

Now, think on even bigger picture. 

Coronvirus (Covid-19) is just starting to spread in developing countries. Here’s the sad reality: in these countries, isolation may not be easy. There are countries where up to eight (8) if not more, family members stay in a very small apartment. What happens in case if one family member gets infected? 

Solution: Create a tent for those who are going in self-isolation at their homes

Before going into any details, let me be very clear here: THIS IS AN IDEA FOR NOW. This tent has not been designed, researched, produced, or checked legally (as of March 26th, 2020).

Yes, there are isolation tents available out there. But, they are mainly used by big organizations, governments etc. and tend to be expensive. The idea is to create something for a family that can’t afford to pay big bucks  – create something very affordable. Something that fits in an average size room and is easy to assemble and dispose afterwards.

By having something like this in the house for those self-isolating, the risks of others getting infected should decline. 

Will update more as there’s more progress on this. Keep checking back. 

Raising this money to kickstart the designing and prototyping process, and assemble a team. As well as setting up a website with more info. May need to change the campaign targets as well.

If you don’t want to contribute money? It’s perfectly fine! But, are you willing to help?  If you have ideas, want to help design, critique, or something else, feel free to message. 

Know that this idea could fail – may not be able to source and manufacture at mass scale in timely manner. However, this tent would have a long-term use. It could be sold to organizations that focus on disaster reliefs etc. If it’s  deemed not feasible after expert advise and initial testing, I will use the leftover  proceeds to donate to Red Cross. 

Check GoFundMe

I have set up a fundraising page at GofundMe. You could donate there. If you can’t donate, but want to do something? Share the fundraising page on your social media, tell your friends and family about it.